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AWESOME DEAL from Back on Track and some great info for some warm up biking exercises... Read this!!

Here at Back On Track Physiotherapy we are all about getting out and about and enjoying what Queenstown has to offer. Unfortunately, this brings many people to our door due to injuries caused by what they love. We promote prevention rather than cure. So here are some quick and easy warm up exercises and why it’s important to do them before you hit the amazing bike trails.

Why warm up?

  • Warming up prepares the body for physical activity.

  • It prevents a rapid increase in blood pressure, improves blood flow to the heart, increases muscle temperature and makes muscles more pliable.

  • It’s also a way of promoting patterns of movement and muscle control for the specific sport.

Why not to static stretch before activity?

  • Engaging in passive static stretching prior to activity could make you feel weaker and less stable during your activity.

  • Reduces muscle strength by nearly 5.5% (and more when a stretch is held for 90 seconds or more)

  • Cuts muscle power by 2%

  • Reduces explosive muscular performance by nearly 3%

For more information please contact us via or come and see us.

ACC appointments are only $20 for all Mountain Bike Club card members, which is whopping a 30% discount!

Any questions please shout!


QMTBC - Back on Track Exercises

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