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With the help of generous supporters, we have grown Queenstown's community and mountain biking industry to be on the cusp of the world stage. Mountain biking brings together people from all walks of life. Sustainable tourism, adventure seeking business people, professionals who are hunting work life balance (your future staff members?). This benefits local businesses through economic and sustainable development.

This sponsorship proposal provides you with the opportunity to be known across NZ and the world as a hero in the Queenstown mountain biking growth story. You could be the sponsor of a popular trail or the major name on the annual Queenstown Bike Festival. We are looking for partners as we move towards being the bike adventure capital of the world. 

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With several sponsorship packages for you to choose from, download our proposal above to find out more about the awesome benefits our packages will provide for your business.

From rights to associate with QMTBC and free memberships for your staff, to promotions in our clubs newsletter, app and social pages; contact us to discuss how we can tailor a package to work best with the needs of your business. 

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As the popularity of mountain biking continues to grow, the demand for well maintained, safe trails increases as well. Our goal is to secure private funding sources to support the maintenance of our growing trail network. With more people getting stoked on riding and more events being organised each year, the overall usage and wear and tear across our trail network has increased significantly.

In order to keep up with the growing demand for maintenance on our trails, we need your support to help keep our trail network safe and fun to ride for everyone in our community!


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Contact us so we can tailor a package that works for your business.

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