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QMTBC Donations!!!

The club has received a few donations over the past couple of months.

We feel pretty stoked when people make donations, it helps us GSD. It gives us the funds we need to get busy. It's a vote of support, telling us that we are doing good.

Not a Rail Trail sold off a few bikes over the Season of Shred weekend. They shifted us a percentage of the sales. Thanks guys @notarailtrail

Fear Factory got in touch asking for our bank account and next thing we know they've chucked a solid wedge in the account. Not for any particular reason, other than thanks for doing what we are doing. Cheers Fear Factory #fearfactoryqueenstown @fearfactoryqueenstown

Mandy Horan came out on top at the Season of Shred part when she won the DH bike in the raffle. Thing is, Mandy already has a DH and she spends most of her time earning her turns anyway. She found a young fella in need and did him a good deal, sold him the bike. Mandy wanted to give back to the community, so she passed on some of the profits. Now there's another kid shredding hard and more cash in the club account. Damn fine work Mandy.

Yeti Bikes came through town with the Yeti Tribe. They were so stoked on the trails and scene that they thought it only right to help keep the club afloat by pushing a fist full of cash through the mailbox. Cheers Yeti #yeticycles #ridedriven

Last year we were approached by Monica Mullhullond, she wanted to name a trail. We came to a deal and 'Mulhullond Drive was named. The cash from this has gone back into the upgrade works to 7 Mile. Thanks Monica!!

Every donation counts, sometimes it's a pile of timber posts, a truck load of dirt, some digger time or a couple of tools.

All these things make the difference. It's this community attitude that keeps the Queenstown scene what it is.

Want to make a donation, visit the website and do what you can.

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