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Each year from mid-May through to September, it's winter here in Queenstown. At the start of April, both Coronet Peak and Cardrona close down their summer operations for the season. The trails on Coronet Peak are still open for riding until about mid-May, when winter weather and temps usually start settling in. Skyline close their summer biking operations and their bike uplifts to the Queenstown Bike Park by mid-May (exact date can vary each year dpending on conditions). So, during winter where can you ride?

Good news is that there are still lots of trail options open for you to head out for pedal! 7 Mile is our main go to winter riding area along with the Gold Digger and Phoenix trails. Wynyard Jump Park and the McNearly Gnarly trail are also open during winter as long as they aren't too wet. The trails in the Queenstown Bike Park are also open during winter, but you will need to pedal up the Skyline Access road to access them as the Skyline Gondola doesn't operate bike uplifts in winter.

If you need to rent a bike, there are still a couple of bike shops that provide bike rentals during winter including Bikeaholic and Torpedo7. Several bike shops convert to ski and snowboard shops during winter so there are a few less bike rental options available during the winter months. 

If it's been particularly wet, it's best to give the trails a chance to dry out for a couple of days after heavy rain and/or snow. Good rule of thumb is if your bike is getting caked in mud, keep off the trails! 

By mid September the Queenstown Bike Park will be looking to open up again for the summer season and Coronet Peak and Cardrona usually open up again early December.

If you're heading our for a winter pedal, don't forget some warm gloves and your lights!


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