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Dream Track Build

The rebuild of an icon

Dream track has had a huge facelift last summer. Three new jumps were added above the original track. Steeper more poppy jumps, with huge takeoffs and huge landings. This makes them safer actually, especially since there is no breaking required for the first 5 jumps on the track.

The bottom half has had changes too. Bigger and better was the theme here as well. Only one spot where breaking is required now, the rest works with no breaks. The big double before the road gap is a fair bit bigger than before, but so much more fun to ride now. Only thing to finish off this Spring is the road gap.

There are dig days arranged up there. Will need a few to get it open again for summer this year. If you are interested, you can email to find out when the crew will be up there.

Even though these jumps are safer now, please remember they for experienced riders only. We recommend going with someone who has ridden there before. Always look before you leap and take it easy, work on one feature at a time, but don't hang around on the jumps too long, there could be someone else on the way down.

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